A Change I Want to Share

I wanted to share some exciting news with you. In the coming days, I will be launching a new platform, www.leadingthechangewithjohncouris.com. Leading the Change is a dynamic and exciting outgrowth of this blog which so many of you follow directly or via my LinkedIn profile. Over the last two years Inventing Health has expanded its focus beyond

Curiouser and Curiouser

I read with great interest a recent article in the Harvard Business Review sent to me by GE Healthcare Account Executive, Jennifer Miller.  In The Business Case for Curiosity, Francesca Gino discusses the benefits to encouraging a �curious� workplace and offers some strategies to help leverage curiosity in driving your business. As Gino explains, there are

Help! Our Puppy Hates to Be Brushed!

To help make your little dog more alright with being brushed, make it a remunerating background by blending it with treats and acclaim. Our well disposed, cheerful young doggie abhors having his hide brushed — he will run and stow away when he sees the brush turn out. What would we be able to do

How to Keep Your Dog Happy on Crate Rest

In the event that you were revealed to you should have been on bed rest for the following couple of weeks to enable damage to legitimately recuperate, you presumably wouldn’t be excited, yet you’d comprehend the explanation behind it — and, in all probability, take after your specialist’s requests. All things considered, bed rest is

Do’s and Don’ts to Help Kids and Pets Bond

Investing energy with a pet can be a significant affair for a tyke. My 7-year-old girl, Reagan, has been around canines her whole life. From the minute she returned home from the healing center, our two Pugs, Willie and Bruce, were there to welcome her, and they have shared every last bit of her firsts:

Your Canine Etiquette Guide: Dog Park Do’s

Your puppy adores the canine stop, and you cherish taking him there to play. Be that as it may, you both should be on your best conduct while you’re there. Here are six basic approaches to be a decent puppy stop resident and help your pooch and his companions make the most of their play

Why Does My Dog… Dig in the Carpet?

What is it about cover that appears to prompt a few mutts to need to ‘burrow to China’? Do you flinch when you hear the obvious rub of canine toenails angrily endeavoring to scratch their way through your floor strands? There might be straightforward clarifications about why a few puppies may take part in this