Why Don’t Cats Come When Called?

It is generally simple to prepare a canine to come to you when you call his name, yet felines, of course, are an alternate story. What is the distinction? The developmental records demonstrate that puppies have been tamed for around 30,000 years. Our predecessors tamed pooches deliberately, reproducing and raising puppies to comply with the

Pet Misbehaving? It Might Be Your Fault

Dread, stress and nervousness are at the foundation of numerous issue practices in felines and pooches — and now and again, human conduct is the immediate reason for a pet’s activities. Many pet proprietors neglect to comprehend this, however, and rather accuse the puppy or feline for the “terrible” conduct. I would say, pet proprietors

Always Learning

I was fascinated by a recent article I read in the Harvard Business Review advocating the importance of creating a work culture that encourages ongoing learning.  In the piece, Four Ways to Create a Learning Culture on Your Team, authors Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Josh Bersin encourage managers to prioritize their own ongoing learning�as well as that

Dying with Dignity

The last week has been incredibly difficult as I had to say goodbye to my beloved friend and companion, my German Shepard, Lola. Like for many of us dog owners, Lola was more than a pet, she was a faithful companion and loyal friend. She could be found by my side every waking minute I

Present and Accounted For

Over the last couple of months, I have met with nearly all of 8,200+ team members in groups of 200 to 300 to present, review and discuss our new organizational strategic plan. Over the course of these two hours sessions, my goal is to communicate to them the direction for the organization, explain their critical

From the Bottom Up

Over the course of my career, I�ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing folks, and I�m not just talking about my direct reports or folks on my immediate team. Every day I work with compassionate and dedicated professionals from hospital dieticians, to transport staff, to operating room nurses to occupational therapists to world-renowned

Health Leaders Media: Move Over Star Wars; Hospital Command Centers Take the Spotlight

Command centers give health systems a leading edge to manage capacity and improve patient experience. Health systems face growing capacity challenges and patient experience suffers when access is limited, or delays occur between transitions in care. In response, hospital command centers featuring sophisticated technology are springing up across the country.  Two new facilities in Florida